Colca Canyon Glass Pouch Cotton Embroidered 3.5"x8" Peru

Product Information


Glass Pouch embroidered intricately by the natives in Colca Canyon

Sturdily stitched with a string band handle. Great for glasses, cigarettes, cell phone

Hand woven machine washable fabric and lined for durability

Great purse insert wallet with strong velcro closure.

Fair Trade hand made in Peru and very unusual piece of folk art.

Product Description

These are one of a kind! Never two alike, if you got one there will be not another one alike. Each is stitched in a pedal sewing machine, it would be literally impossible to have one listing for each. These are only made in a remote village deep into Colca Canyon in Southern Peru. As far as we know only three families make them and we carry the largest selection available for these. Valuable and rare. Deep in the Colca Canyon of Southern Peru the natives make these wonderful embroidered accessories. Originally used to adorn their garments in festivities the locals use their designs applied to every day accessories. Made in colorful shades these pouches can hold glasses, money, cigarettes crystals, incense, stone fetishes, herbs, oils, jewelry pieces or change. In Colca altered sewing machines are used to produce the adornments on the fabric. The final product is a unique and finely decorated piece of folk art.
Technical Details
Product group
Sanyork Fair Trade
Sanyork Fair Trade
Multi Color
Item Dimensions L x W x H
3.5 x 0.5 x 8 inches
Item Weight
0.31 pounds
Sanyork Fair Trade
8" x 3.5"
Sanyork Fair Trade

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