18x20x1 Electrostatic Washable Permanent A/c Furnace Air Filter + 1 Filter Fresh Air Filter Pads Scented

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All Standard filters are generally undercut 3/8 inch, Replaces disposable furnace filters, Self-charging electrostatic filter media - does not require electricity, Lifetime warranty

The air you breathe contains many irritants such as pollen, dust, bacteria, mold spores, pet dander and smoke. Most of these particles are smaller than one micron. Our ELECTROSTATIC FILTER is an effective and efficient way to reduce the number of these pa

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back in 30 days risk free trial. Lifetime Warranty

Never Buy Another Filter. Electrostatic and HEPA Air Filters. We offer permanent, metal-framed Washable Electrostatic filters. We are in the Indoor Air Quality business

Sold by Kilowatts Energy CENTER. MERV 6 Arrestance 82% & Merv 8 Arrestance 94% These filters retail elsewhere for $ 99.99

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A special impregnated black polypropylene has an EPA registered anti-microbial material to inhibit mold and bacteria growth while the center, non-woven layer retains debris in a maze of fibers designed to maximize air flow even when soiled. Rated by independent testing laboratory at over 94% peak arrestance (particle filtering efficiency), this filter has 10 times the filtering capabilities of a disposable fiberglass filter. Highest filtering efficiency available for the majority of furnaces and air conditioners. The 0.12 inch W.G. initial resistance of the Silver 94 will perform best in systems configured with 1 square foot, or more, of filter area for each ton of air conditioning. Two layers of woven monofilament polypropylene with integral anti-microbial material provide 10 times more filtration than a disposable fiberglass filter. The deep loading center layer of non-woven polyester allows THE Silver 94 to prolong the time between washings. Replaces standard 18x20x1 sized disposable filters. Standard filters are generally undercut 3/8 inch. The actual size of this filter is 17-5/8 x 19-5/8 x 7/8 These filters retail elsewhere for $89.99-$99.99.
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