RV Electric Heater Add-on Atwood 8500 Series "Ducted/Plenum System"

Product Information


Ducted/Plenum (AT-10) Cabinet Adapter for Atwood 8500 Series Gas Furnace

Multi-Tap Electric Heater (3-Heat Selections, 2-Voltage Selections)

CheapHeat Smart Controller, Change Over Switch

Wire Harnesses, Misc. Mounting Hardware, Wire Clamps

Installation and Safety Manual

Product Description

The CheapHeatTM system consists of a UL certified and RVIA compliant stand-alone add on Duct Heater and Controller for mobile vehicles. This product connects directly into the ductwork of the existing central heating system allowing the user to switch between Gas or Electric as a heating source for the Recreational Vehicle. As a UL certified product our system meets, or exceeds, all NEC, NFPA, and ANSI specifications and standards for Recreation Vehicles both in the United States and in Canada. This product is unique in its' design because it does not affect any RV gas furnace ANSI listings. In the same way that a conventional residential or commercial gas furnaces does not change the ACCA, UL, AHRI, and ANSI listings or standards when a 3rd party Duct Heater, or AC coil, is added into the existing ductwork. Our system does not use any of the LPG furnace electronic controls, gas controls, or safeties. It actually enhances the gas furnace overall operation, comfort level, and longevity.
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