Emsco Group 1397-1 Bigfoot 18" Combination Ergonomic Handle – Alleviates Bending and Strain on Lower Back – Adjusts Snow Shovel

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  • 3-In-1 snow tool – this combination snow shovel by Bigfoot has multiple uses. It’s massive blade allows you to shovel, scoop, and push massive snow piles in any setting. The blade combines the ease of using a standard snow shovel, The holding capacity of a snow scoop, and the curve of a snow pusher to clear flat surfaces.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – This ergonomic snow shovel is highly customizable, as it can be easily adjusted to suit your height, arm length, and shoveling position. The powerlift handle adjusts to the height of any user by utilizing a screw collar that can be adjusted to the user’s arm length and position. This allows the user to shovel efficiently using minimal effort and lessens stress on your lower back.
  • Easy grip and handling – after scooping snow, simply twist your wrist, which causes the blade to turn and snow to be released. This eliminates even more unnecessary lifting and strain, while moving massive amounts of snow.
  • Portable and compact – the Bigfoot ergonomic handle is simple to use, as its dual handle System is highly adjustable to easily fit your carport or garage. With a weight of 5. 25 lbs. , This winter tool is convenient to use anytime and anywhere, so you no longer have to worry about getting stuck in a snowy situation.
  • HEAVY-DUTY MATERIAL – This ergonomic combination snow shovel features a massive D-grip and a heavy-duty, long-lasting handle. It also comes with an extra-large combination shovel blade that’s made of tough poly resin. Manufactured in the USA with a lightweight, heavy-grade plastic that is very durable, this product is perfect for removing massive amount of snow – it does the work for you!

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