LDSOLAR SD Series Sky Dream Series PWM Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display (SD2430S, 12/24V, 30A)

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  • 32bits CPU, sampling precision is higher, operation speed is faster 12V/24VDC Automatic Identification System OR 48V Voltage
  • 3 stages PWM charging: Bulk, Boost, Float Sealed, Gel, Flooded battery selection procedure
  • Humanized LCD displaying, dynamic display operation data and working state. Built-in operation log, account system working state
  • Multi load control mode: Normal mode, Sensor mode, Timer mode Temperature Compensation Function and Controller Over Temperature Protection Function
  • Fullest digital protection functions: Overcharging, Over-discharging, Overload, Short Circuit, Reverse Connection, Controller Over-Temperature and so on. Max 16mm2 connectors, colorful connector distinguish plus and minus poles. 5V 1A USB output

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