PWM 45A Solar Charge Controller Charge-Discharge Regulator 12V/24V DC Input with LCD Display for Off-grid Solar System (45A)

Product Information


Common negative controller, excellent EMC design, 32 bit MCU

12 bit A/D high-precision sampling to ensure accuracy.

Intelligent lighting and timer control for solar lighting system.Real-time Energy statistics.

Adopt graphics dot-matrix LCD screen and 4 buttons for integrated menu displaying and operation. Humanized design of browser interface.

Full control parameters setting and modification, diversified load control mode. Multi Protect Safety System

Product Description

Solar controller is our new generation controller for off-grid solar system, such as street light, solar home system or small power station etc.
--- High efficient Series PWM charging
--- Battery type selection: Sealed, Gel, Flooded, and user(programmable)
--- Use MOSFET as electronic switch
--- Temperature compensation
--- RS485 port with industrial standard MODBUS open architecture
--- Real-time data monitoring and parameter setting with MT50,APP or PC software
--- Support firmware upgrade
Rated Battery Current: 45A
Rated Load Current: 45A
Norminal system voltage:12V/24V DC AUTO work
Maximum Voltage: 32V
Equalize charging voltage: Sealed: 14.6V, Flooded: 14.8V, User-defined: 9~17V
Boost charging voltage: Gel: 14.2V, Sealed: 14.6V, Flooded: 14.8V, User-defined: 9~17V
Float charging voltage: Gel /Sealed /Flooded: 13.8V, User-defined: 9~17V
Low voltage reconnect voltage: Gel /Sealed /Flooded: 12.6V, User-defined: 9~17V
Low voltage disconnect voltage: Gel /Sealed /Flooded: 11.1V, User-defined: 9~17V
Self-consumption: ≤15mA(12V); ≤10mA(24V);
Temperature compensation:-3mV/℃/2V

Relative humidity: 10%~90% Non-condensation
Communication: RS485 / RJ45 interface
LCD temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C
Working temperature: -25°C ~ +55°C
Humidity: ≤95% N.C.
Enclosure: IP30
Terminals: 35mm²
Electronic Protections:
PV short circuit protection
PV reverse polarity protection
Battery overcharge protection
Battery over discharge protection
Battery reverse polarity protection
Load overload protection
Load short circuit protection
Overheating protection
Technical Details
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Lawn & Patio
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