BBQGEAR Grill Mat 100% Non-stick and Reusable Heavy Duty Mat Used on Charcoal Gas Electric Grill Oven and Smoker Easy to Clean Dishwasher Safe Non PFOA

Product Information


100% Non-stick and no mess. BBQ with our grill mats, there will be nothing stuck on your grill after your BBQ, besides, it is a snap to clean up the non-stick and dishwasher safe grill mats, and you will never experience flare-up which would ruin your mea

3 pieces of 15.75'' x 13'' grill mats for all your needs. Our grill mats could be used on any kind of grill, such as charcoal grill, gas grill and electric grill, or even in an oven for making cookies, pizza and French fries. The mats are designed to be c

Not losing anything! Grill on our grill mats you could still have perfect grill line, your favorite grill flavor and caramelisation. Cooking ingredients like chopped vegetables on grill mats, nothing falls through the grates, you will never lose a bite of

Safe to cook with BBQGEAR grill mats. In compliance with FDA regulations, our grill mat is made from premium PTFE and contains no PFOA, silicone, or other harmful chemicals. It can withstand temperature up to 500℉/260℃ which is the recommended searing tem

Heavy duty and reusable. Use the grill mat under instruction, it could be used at least 100 times and it is super easy to clean up. Ideal replacement of traditional grill foil, help you to save money on grill.

Product Description

Why BBQGEAR grill mat?
·Grill on a grill mat, nothing will stick on your grill, and it is a snap to clean up the 100% non-stick mat.
·Eliminate flare-up to protect your grill and your hair.
·BBQGEAR grill mat can be used on all kinds of grills, ovens and smokers. It can be cut to any size to fill your grill.
·BBQGEAR grill mat guarantees that you will still have perfect grill line, your favorite grill flavor and caramelisation.
·Grill everything on grill mat, with the mat you can now grill egg and chopped vegetables, nothing will fall through the grates.
·BBQGEAR grill mat transmit heat evenly to help you get perfect grill.

Product Specification
Color: Black
Dimension: 15.75'' x 13''
Amount: 3 pieces
Material: PTFE
Lifespan: at least 100 times usage*
*Use under instructions

Before use:
·Wash with worm soapy water then dry thoroughly
·Preheat grill to desired temperature
·Place grill mat flat on grill grate then place ingredients on the mat
·Remove mat from grill when cooking is complete
·Do NOT use at temperature higher than 500℉/260℃
·Make sure mat is 5-7 inches away from flame
·Sharp utensils may damage the mat
Clean up:
·Clean it by using a dishwasher
For handwash:
·For best results, clean immediately
·on your rubber gloves for dishwashing
·Clean the mat in warm soapy water using dishwashing cloth
·Dry and store
·Do NOT fold the mat
Technical Details
Lawn & Patio
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Lawn & Patio

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