Kindle Quick Fast Charger SET for Accelerated Charging Compatible with new Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD By Pure Power Adapters

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adapter charges Kindle Fire HD 8.9" in under 5 hours, Kindle Fire HD 7" in under 4 hours, and Kindle Fire in under 3 hours

Optimized for Kindle tablets: Rapid Charge is a 9W charger and will charge your Kindle tablets faster than the white 5W Kindle charger will. (Note Kindle e-readers will charge at the same rate regardless of if you use a 5W or 9W charger)

Designed for use with the black micro USB cable included with the new Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD & HDX devices.

includes spare charging cable as pictured in photo

Sold Exclusive By Seller Valerie Mckenzie. Pure Power Branded ®

Product Description

Quick charger combo comes with Fast charger and spare charging cable.
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Pure Power Adapters
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Pure Power Adapters
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